Let's talk about executive dysfunction in adults

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My name is Raine and I help people deal with executive dysfunction in adults

I understand how executive dysfunction in adults works so feel free to jump straight to the TL;DR and also sign up for the mailing list so I can send help straight to you and you don't have to worry about remembering to check this site.

Do any of these apply to you?

![two toothbrushes in a white cup. Executive dysfunction in adults can sometimes look like not being able to do simple things like brushing your teeth, even when you know how important it is.](/img/user/80-89 Assets/82 - Photo Attachments/pexels-pietro-jeng-65055-1-e1612904229223.jpg)

Are you sick of advice that begins with “Write down everything you want to do as part of your morning routine, but don’t worry about including all the things you already do like brush your teeth, brush your hair, wash your face, go to the gym, take a shower, get dressed, put on makeup, and serve a perfectly balanced breakfast to your kids. Not the basic things, just the extras."

Because I know I am. I want to help you with the basics. Then we’ll go from there.

Why would you listen to me?

Well I graduated magna cum laude from Tulane University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a major in Neuroscience so I know a thing or two about neurotransmitters.

But quite frankly I believe my crippling executive dysfunction gives me far more authority. I don’t take a shower every morning. I don’t even brush my teeth. I didn’t used to be just like you. I’m still struggling right now. Has the phrase “If I can do it anyone can?” ever sounded genuine?

![top-down view of a grey felt journal labeled "to do list" with a plant beside it on a table](/img/user/80-89 Assets/82 - Photo Attachments/pexels-kaboompics-com-6423-300x200.jpg)

Here’s where I’m different from those "success stories." I haven’t done it. I am doing it. Right now. With you. Being neurodivergent means that my brain is wired differently and that will always be true. I’ll never be done. But I will keep doing.

I want to make this space much more designed around how I can help my fellow neurodiverse adults accomplish their goals personally, professionally, and with their kids. I want you to succeed with me. So sign up below and together we will not only get a lot more organized, but also a lot more content.

TL;DR: Executive Dysfunction in Adults

You need help navigating basic life skills. I can guide you through the same way I guide myself, by providing info specifically designed with your executive dysfunction in mind.

My mailing list is a little bit different. I put a lot of work into the blog and making detailed and helpful content, but my audience isn't like the average blog readership. I know you might not have the attention to read thousands of words of blog posts - and that probably means you especially need help with executive dysfunction!

So I've made my newsletter the absolute best way to get this information for people who are ready to start working on their executive dysfunction right away. It includes actionable advice, offers, and bonus content that isn't included on the website.

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Now, I’m going to go brush my teeth. Wanna brush with me?

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