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Ex-Gifted is now the Chaotic Organized podcast. But still called “Ex-Gifted”!

I’m still going to be all about executive dysfunction and telling the story of how I’m working to get my shit together on a daily basis so that you can hopefully learn from my mistakes (hey now – my successes too!)

Please recommend it to any of your friends who can relate to the experience of being neurodivergent – or frankly just different – and not understanding how adults are supposed to do all of these things in the few short hours we have in the day.

The biggest difference from when I started this podcast a year ago is that I’ve learned that I’m more successful when I have robust structures in place and also I lean heavily on what my chaos brain is good at. I’m not trying to shut up my chaos demon, or shut it down. I’m letting it run wild within a contained space. Am I being a parent to my brain? This just sounds like parenting…

My chaos brain is great at coming with all kinds of cool ideas and it’s really powerful when it’s allowed to chase rabbits down their holes as it wants, but without the organized side, the chaotic side doesn’t really get anything done. And that’s where I’m going with the podcast – the systems and structures that allow me to actually get shit done, but the passion and power my chaos demon provides.

And don’t worry, yes, I’ll talk you through those systems, even if you don’t podcast yourself, the point is just in building the structure to apply it to your own life.

Since your own chaos brain might not be exactly in sync with mine, I’m also starting up a catalog that allows you to go through your own interests on demand. Follow your own Chaos Brain’s interests and don’t worry about doing it on my time!


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About the Ex-Gifted Podcast:

If you are a former gifted kid who grew up to struggle with basic adulting, then you need the Ex-Gifted podcast.

Host Ren Eliza talks about gifted kid burnout, and the damage that lasts long into adulthood. Damage like battered self esteem, decimated internal motivation, and a continued failure to live up to expectations even while we were placed on pedestals and alienated from our peers.

Ex-Gifted will cover failure, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and chronic anxiety and depression, and a whole lot more.

Each episode also offers suggestions to deal with your executive dysfunction in adulthood so you can rebuild the systems that allowed you to shine so brightly in childhood.

We’re making exceptional children into functional adults.



If you have bees in the brain, this is the show for you. Wait, sorry. Hold on a second. Y'all is this still Ex-Gifted?

Hi, I'm Ren Eliza and yes, this is Ex-Gifted.

This is Ex-Gifted the chaotic organized podcast. I am keeping the name Ex-Gifted for now, at least. we'll see how I feel going forward.

It's tough to be someone who struggles with transitions, but who, has to deal with endlessly shifting fixations. just Just to help you all prepare for the transition that I'm going through. I wanted to kind of give y'all a heads up about what exactly chaotic organized is.

The topic really isn't going to change. It's still gonna be about executive dysfunction for adults. It's still going to be about basically just the stuff I do in order to get my shit together. Stuff that I'm having success with, the stuff that I'm trying out and experimenting with, it will still be those kinds of things. The big difference is that I am not going to always come at things from such an explicitly gifted kid kind of angle, which means that if you're getting help from this, please recommend it to your friends even if they were not in the gifted program as children.

Basically, if I say bees in the brain and you immediately just get it, then this is the show for you, whether or not you were in the gifted program.

What chaotic organized means -what the new setup is going to entail is that I am. I'm a year into this and I've come to realize that I'm not trying to shut up my chaos brain.

I'm not trying to shut it down. I'm not trying to get rid of it. I'm trying to learn to inhabit this one body in something resembling peace. We think of peace and chaos as being two opposite ends of a spectrum. I don't think that they necessarily have to be. I think that, I think that me and chaos can coexist moderately peacefully. We've been doing it for a little while, at least.

And so part of embracing that chaos means that I'm going to make my topics that I discuss on the show in the blog, et cetera. I'm going to let the chaos brain determine a lot of that, which means I'm just going to follow my hyper fixations and I'm going to talk through whatever it is that comes up as that interest because, man. That's just, that's just the way I work best. I think that that's probably the way a lot of us work best rather than trying to fit ourselves into the box of what we're "supposed" to be doing right now. We have those little interests, like scratching at the back of our brain saying, "yeah, but wouldn't you rather be doing this right now?"

I'm going to try to listen to that, to embrace that, to follow it, see where it takes me. Now, the very responsible, organized part of me is going to be the part that makes sure that shit still actually gets done. That's why I've got my routines in place and I've got systems set up so that whatever it is that my interest is, I can still capture it and actually make this into some kind of functional, hopefully educational, container.

So chaotic organized is this podcast Ex-Gifted. The chaotic organized podcast. It is my blog at and it is also the role planning system and everything that kind of goes along with that like the quest for chaos.

The website,, and also my Ko-fi page,, those are big parts of what makes up chaotic, organized as well. So if you're listening to the podcast, then go check out both of those as well. It just occurred to me that it might be hard for you to hear. So if you are not looking at the show notes and stuff, it is chaotic, organized with a D . The website has, long form blog posts, and you know, other websitey stuff, that's where you can sign up for my email list. Things like that. The Kofi page has short blog posts, great for people with executive dysfunction. And it is where I'm like where I hosted the March mins wins challenge. And. I am going to keep putting up other challenges like that.

It's also the only way to support the show financially. Now. Absolutely. Please recommend me to your friends. Give me five-star reviews on apple podcasts or wherever you are listening to this podcast.

The thing is, it's a core value to me to not hold back any of my ideas. So any of my ideas you can get through the podcast, through my blog posts, at least as fast as I can put them out. I have a lot more ideas than, than I have time to publish, but I'm working on it.

So it's my aim to only charge for my time, whether that's in one-on-one sessions, in group meetings or through the actual, like packaging and, you know, formatting to be delivered in a different way and like products, like the role planning system. so that's why I use like Kawai Kitsune by Kevin MacLeod as the song that I play at the beginning and end of my podcast and I support Dyson Logos and use them as all of the maps at this point, at least for my role planning system.

And I, even though both of those creators offer all of that stuff that I am using for free, I also support them on Patreon because it's very important to me to uplift creators that are doing that, and that are trying to. Like put their stuff out there and, basically share the stuff that they are creating with with the world, with the people that are interested in their content.

And I want the same thing too. I want you, I want you to share everything that I'm creating. Please do. And if you additionally want to support me financially, this is how you can do it.

You can join my natural one membership. It is a dollar and I'm going to have. All of my, basically the video versions of the podcast, the challenges, formatted and packaged up into a nice like month long challenge that you can do on your own time.

So if you were not interested in decluttering this past March, you perhaps will become interested in it next January when everyone wants to declutter. So for a dollar a month, you can go through that on demand and join up with the challenge whenever you want to do it. Instead of worrying about whenever the hell my chaos brain is going to go there.

I expect. That our interests are not going to always be perfectly in sync. So you don't have to do it all on my time, with the natural one membership, you can do it on your time instead. So the natural 20 membership on the other hand, same thing, you still get all of that stuff obviously, but it also comes, if you like the podcast, that comes with a private podcast to listen to blog posts and things like that, so that you don't have to sit there and read it because reading things with your eyes, it's hard, guys. This is, this is what I've come to determine.

The biggest thing for the natural 20 membership though, is that you get all of the role planning, content, anything that I make or have made at the point, for the entire time that you are a member, you get access to all roleplanning content unlocked. But even bigger than that, that's the only way now you can get into the quest for chaos. And that also comes with a one-on-one session, you and me, to set up your character for the role planning system. And we can also, every three months basically do a new setup just to make sure that you're still on track. Normally $20 is a single 20 minute session. So this way you get the session where we set up your character, but you also get all of the roleplanning stuff and you get access to that private podcast.

You can also always give a $3 one time donation. And that's also going to unlock posts on Ko-fi and the video podcasts and things like that.

So I hope that you're excited as I am to see where my chaos brain takes us next. And I will be back. I will be publishing posts over on Ko-Fi, but other than that, I will also be back next week with the next episode of Ex-Gifted the chaotic organized podcast. Find us at exgifted.Com or until next time, byeeeee.


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