31 Spooky and Fun Halloween Homeschool Ideas Roundup

Before we get into the Halloween homeschool ideas, I have a short announcement! As I’m trying to grow the blog I’m doing what I can to create content regularly. As part of this - I plan to post every single day in October. 31 posts in 31 days for Halloween!

Many of my posts will delve deeper into the Halloween homeschool ideas listed below. Some will be short, some will be long, and if you want to come play along there should be fun here every day in honor of Halloween and the start of fall!

31 Halloween Homeschool ideas and activities

31 posts of october - advertising the 31 halloween homeschool ideas

1. All Hallow's Eve

Talk with your kids about the basis of this holiday (which yes, is still a month away) - there are several holidays related to Halloween which we’ll cover to learn some history and culture

2. Bobbing for Apples

3. Campfire Stories

4. Dia de Muertos

5. Eerie

Learn about synonyms, starting with a bunch of words that all mean “spooky.”

6. Frankenstein's Lab

A great opportunity for science experiments!

7. Great Pumpkin

8. Haunted House

Like a blanket fort, but with a lot more spoopy! If you don’t have the space for building your own haunted house, consider either a diorama or at least cooking up some eyeballs (peeled grapes) and entrails

9. Igor and Ichor

Not that I need an opportunity to make slime, but I’ll share my favorite type with you, and why!

10. Jack-o-Lantern (printable)

11. Karaoke(Spotify playlist)

12. Legend of Sleepy Hollow

13. Masquerade

Make your own masks, either in preparation for Halloween or to host a home masquerade

14. Nightmare Before Christmas

15. October

A chance to cover current events or other happenings this month (no, not Columbus day)

16. Pumpkin Patch

If you have a pumpkin patch nearby then get out and go! Otherwise visit the grocery store to pick one to carve. Since the weather in my city is looking like it might want to stay in the 90s well into October, the actual carving may want to wait until closer to trick-or-treating

17. Quark

18. Recipes


19. Samhain

20. Trick or Treat

Learn the Origin of trick-or-treating and turn it into an at-home game! This is especially helpful if you have young kids who don’t really understand the concept yet.

21. Unicorns

22. Vampires

Did you know there’s some speculation that the concept of vampires may have originated from the symptoms of rabies? No? What else don’t you know about vampires? Let’s find out together!

23. Werewolves

24. X-rays

Look at skeletons and learn some science!

25. Yeti

26. Zombies

Dress up days!

In the lead-up to Halloween, let’s dress up every day! Who says homeschoolers have to miss out on spirit week?

27. Superhero

28. Silly hats

29. School Colors

Let the kids pick their favorite color and dress all in one shade - or if you’re like us, pick them all and go rainbow head to toe.

30. Book character

31. Halloween costumes!

In other, more personal news, My Gal Friday made a last minute-ish change of plans for her Halloween costume:

Warning: clicking on the above photo and making
a purchase at Amazon could result in monetary
support of chaoticorganized at no cost to you... Thanks!

She’s very excited! I can’t deny I’m a smidge disappointed (not to say that Sailor Moon isn’t fun!) because she was originally planning on being Pikachu dressed up as Hermione and I was all about that costume. I haven’t decided if I should go with a Team Rocket costume anyway, or lean in and go with a Sailor Moon costume along with the rest of the family - especially since it occurred to me that the Young Wolf in a tuxedo onesie playing Tuxedo Mask would be really adorable and slightly less inappropriate than her dad playing the role as she originally wanted.

I could get behind being a Sailor Moon villain like Queen Metaria!

UPDATE: I talked MGF into changing out of the Sailor Moon shirt she's been wearing the last week and a half so we could wash it. She changed into a Pokémon shirt and now she wants to be Ash... Seriously between the time I wrote this post in the early evening and when I'm posting it.

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