Lenormand Cards

The Arcana Iris Sacra Lenormand deck from Labyrinthos.co

Like Tarot, Lenormand is a type of #divination cards.

001-Cartomancy is an extremely simple way to get started with a magic practice, and can be incorporated into a daily journaling practice. I like to use the cards I have drawn as a journaling prompt, and often do a reading first thing in the morning to set the tone for my day. Although any divination practice can be used in this way, I especially like Lenormand because of its focus on the everyday. It's a way for me to incorporate magic into the mundane.

What makes Lenormand unique is that they are always read at a minimum of two at a time. In a two-card reading, the first card drawn acts as the noun or subject, and the second as the modifier. Lenormand decks also do not use reversals, but it's worth noting that reversals are not universal among tarot either, and in fact the Thoth Tarot deck I use does not use reversals.

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