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Sorry I’ve been MIA! Guess what? Having your brain treat you like an asshole is normal. It happens to all of us at some point in time (some more than others.) That’s okay! What’s important is to move forward anyway.


Sometimes your brain is a jerk and gets in your way

What we can do about it:

Forgive ourselves (and hope others forgive you as well!) and start moving forward again from where you are.


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About the Ex-Gifted Podcast:

If you are a former gifted kid who grew up to struggle with basic adulting, then you need the Ex-Gifted podcast.

Host Ren Eliza talks about gifted kid burnout, and the damage that lasts long into adulthood. Damage like battered self esteem, decimated internal motivation, and a continued failure to live up to expectations even while we were placed on pedestals and alienated from our peers.

Ex-Gifted will cover failure, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and chronic anxiety and depression, and a whole lot more.

Each episode also offers suggestions to deal with your executive dysfunction in adulthood so you can rebuild the systems that allowed you to shine so brightly in childhood.

We’re making exceptional children into functional adults.



If you have been wondering, “Where the hell is Ex-gifted?” Then this is the show for you. This. Right here that you're listening to right now. Is. Ex-gifted.

Hello friends uhm. Welcome back uhm. And I'm sorry that I just disappeared off the face of the earth. So what happened was. I stopped recording the podcast. That's really it. There wasn't any reason or circumstance or anything besides what was just going on in my own head.

I had this idea for an episode. This is not that episode. I am still going to do it. But just every time I tried to script it and then record it. I just had all of this stuff happening in my head as as one does, right? Uhm. Every time I said something, it was just like caveat after caveat after explanation after like kind of walking back, what I was saying. And I think that the topic was very important, but it was also. I was very worried about being misunderstood or taken the wrong way, or to sound like I didn't really appreciate the struggles that a lot of my listeners were going through and I was very worried about coming across in the best light.

And so I never got it recorded and. Then I just never got anything recorded. And. So although I was actually having a lot of progress and success and a lot of wins in other areas of my life, the podcast itself was getting shoved way back into the corner and because of that, I am going to try to mix things up a little bit.

We're still going to finish season two. I still have at least two more episodes that I really want to get out for season 2 of Ex-Gifted being focused on the growth mindset. Up. But I am going to reformulate it a little bit. For a show that's only like 10 to 15 minutes long, usually I've actually end up putting a lot of work into each of these episodes in order to get it out. Because I'm worried about editing out all of my mums and ahh. Because I do that a lot. And getting the wording perfectly beforehand and then also. Ah. Trying to sound as natural as I can when I'm actually reading it on the air.

And so I'm going to try to go unscripted as much as I can. I will still make sure that I have some kind of a transcript. It might actually end up even being better than the transcripts that I had before, because before I was just posting my script and what I said in the show is not always exactly the same as it was in the script. Sometimes I freestyle a little bit so. I will still be including a transcript with every episode.

But it's going to be a little bit more off the cuff. Uhm. Which means I might not always have every single one of those caveats and explanations and exceptions to the rule in there. If you hear something that you do have a problem with, let me know and I will be glad to address it. Ah. In the meantime, though, the newer the episodes are going to be a lot more freestyle. Possibly a lot more of me repeating myself. And a lot less edited, for better or for worse.

I hope that it will be a positive change. I hope that it will at the very least allow me to get episodes out more quickly. And I hope that it will help me dealing with my own discomfort a little bit, because that is one of the skills that I am working on leveling up this year: Getting better at being uncomfortable.

I am going to keep doing video episodes. If you're interested in that and you can get those for as little as a dollar month on ko-fi.com/reneliza. Link is in the show notes. So I am very excited if you're still going to come on this journey with me, I am going to release the next episode that some actual episode and not just an apology and of the ex-gifted podcast. Next week. Uhm. So today when I am recording this is February 19th. It's a Saturday. I am going to try to have the next episode out by Friday the 25th of February. 2022 If you're listening from the future. And that episode is going to be about limits versus limitations.

So I will see you back next week. And we'll talk about those limiting beliefs until then. Bye.


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