Hobonichi Techo

My favorite Hobonichi products

Hobonichi Weeks: This is a HORIZONTAL weekly planner which does not include a 24-hour layout, but I found it works great for me as I move further away from hourly planning. I use the blank page on the right side of each week for a rolling to-do list
Hobonichi Cousin: This daily planner includes a full A5 page for each day, but also includes a vertical spread for each week. This is amazing for people who want to do a LOT of planning, or want a daily journal in addition to a weekly planner which is how I used mine in 2022.
Hobonichi Day-Free/blank notebook: Because I love the Hobonichi paper so much (super thin like that in the Kokuyo Jibun Techo), I use a regular, A6 blank notebook for Bullet Journaling. The Day-Free on the other hand is almost like a pre-made bullet journal. It has all the months up front, but then includes blank, numbered pages, so you can skip as many days as you want and then pick right back up, but without even the minimal setup needed for bullet journaling. This is what my spouse is using.

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