K is for Karaoke ~ a Halloween Sing-along!

Today's post is something simple. But really fun.

We are going to take advantage of the season. And listen to some spooky songs. It's a Halloween sing-along!

K is for Karaoke - A Halloween Sing-Along

A Halloween Sing-Along!

I made a Spotify playlist with my favorite scary songs. There are absolutely some missing because, like... I didn't want to put the entire Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack on there.

Also, consider this a tiny content warning for the songs on the list. I couldn't bring myself to use the KidzBop version of Disturbia, and decided the original is too creepy to not include and too little bad language to exclude. Here's the full list:

I have to admit that I took me a long time to decide about Zombie. My final decision ended up being that I realized that even though the song isn't about actual zombies. It's definitely scary. Also, it's my gal Friday's favorite song right now. And it's fun to sing along to when you're not thinking about how sad it is ?

Okay anyway onto the music!

Here's the Halloweenish Sing-Along playlist. Stay tuned for more nerdy music posts because we're all about that here!

What are your favorite Halloween songs? Is there anything I missed that absolutely must be on the playlist? Let us know on Discord!

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