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Raine in Chaos: my digital garden

The 3-year hosting plan for my website expires today, August 17th, 2023. Obviously I knew this was coming up so I started looking into different options for hosting, but for my needs, Wordpress seemed like more than I really wanted to deal with - hence not having any updates for so long. I've still been playing around with Obsidian as a second brain, planner, organizer, and a thousand different things, and I knew they offered a platform for publishing your notes on their site, and have poked around in several other digital gardens like Nicole van der Hoeven's Fork My Brain and one hosted by a friend whose website has been referenced before on the podcast as a great resource for learning Obsidian for newbies (the digital garden is linked in that blog post as well!)

How is it different from a blog?

Although I've copied and archived all of my old blog posts, the new notes that I'm publishing aren't going to be all pretty and polished and thousands of words long. (Which helps both with creating AND consuming!) Some may be complete thoughts, but some will be barely formed seeds of a thought. Instead of linearly progressing self-contained articles (previous, next), I want to think of the posts here as pieces progressing laterally through a spider-web of connected ideas. Some ideas will expand and grow and get updated over time, from a seed to a sprout to a sapling to a tree. Yay gardening metaphors! Others may get left behind to wither away and that's okay too, because it just means attention is going somewhere else. Learn more about how to navigate the new site.

Because of the structure of this new site, there will be plenty of broken links. This happens when I link to an idea that I want to expand on, but that I haven't published a page for yet. Send me an email (click the floating email link) when you find one of these so I know that's a good place to put some focus! Otherwise, things will get updated as they spark my interest, and this week's updates can always be found on the roundup page.

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